Freitag, 01. Juli

Questions [BRA] / Get Some [NL]


Questions started in February 2000, moved by the feeling of mixing the energy
and intensity of hardcore music and the strength and aggressiveness of
metal music. The name stands a critic vision towards life: questioning,
don't accept anything passively. Their lyrics express a positive,
constructive way to endure the difficulties of living in a third world

Since their first demo-tape named «We Shall Overcome», released in June
2000, the band established themselves as one of the most powerful bands
ever formed in Brazil. Their show is energetic and passionate, keeping
alive the spirit of old school Hardcore bands.


Get Some is a band from South Holland with Freaky, Filthy, and Frustrated grooves, as they titled their 2018’s EP reflecting on what they strive to deliver. (...) Their no-bullshit attitude and uncompromising style hit like a steaming train, leaving the crowds begging for more. (...) Get Some’s debut album, And Then You Die, walks the line between raging hardcore and fast-paced thrash crossover.


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 10€

Get Some


Get Some