Frenetic Trio [BRA] / The Snapes [D]

Death´a´billy / Punkrock

"From the death metal psychobilly scene of Brazil, Frenetic Trio is a kind of band that will make the most traditional rockabillies sick to their stomachs. Hard, loud, pounding psycho with growled vocals with driving voodoo rhythms, their music sounds like a soundtrack for a zombie insurrection. Formed in 2003 the band wrote a unique history in the scene; the Ep "Bad Vibrations" released in 2003 and the self-title album released in 2005 rocked the psychobilly structures opening the doors for a heavy bands generation. FRENETIC TRIO is a kind of explosive cocktail with Motörhead, Mad Mongols, Celtic Frost and Bolt Thrower. Perfect soundtrack for diehard fans of terror, intense sonority, heavy tunes, and zombies prophecies. PSYCHO!!!"


Einlass 20h, Beginn 21h, Eintritt: 10€

Frenetic Trio

Frenetic Trio

The Snapes