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The Welch Boys (USA) / Rick Dangerous (D)

East Coast Hardcore /Punk / Oi! / Skatepunk

Raised and bred on the many great Boston punk and hardcore bands, THE WELCH BOYS emerge with a sound that is a perfect mix of punk rock, Oi!, and east coast hardcore. They were formed in 2004 by guitarist, and founding member of The Blue Bloods, T.J. Welch. The lineup for their self-titled debut also includes Slapshot alumni Ed Lalli on vocals, Mark Powers on bass, P.j. Dionne on lead guitar and Ron Holbrook on drums.

THE WELCH BOYS write short, catchy, and powerful songs that emphasize sing along choruses and aggressive playing. There is an economy to their music that strips everything down to the unpretentious, honest core. While firmly rooted in the punk rock legacy of their hometown, THE WELCH BOYS' sound is unique enough to set themselves apart. Lyrically, they tackle a wide variety of subjects that convey the struggles of working class life laced with an underlying core of hope and optimism.

Met with critical praise and acceptance from the punk community, their debut self titled disc was recorded with Dropkick Murphys' producer Jim Seigal . Earning a reputation as a rowdy, high energy live act , the band has toured with The Dropkick Murphys, The Dead Kennedys , Sham 69, and The Business. .

In August of 2007, drummer Ron Holbrook unexpectedly passed away. After this deeply sad period, the band offered the resilient follow-up disc, Drinking Angry in 2008. The band continued with several superb drummers, including Sam Jodrey formerly of Toxic Narcotic. In 2014, THE WELCH BOYS released their third disc, Bring Back the Fight.. A call to arms from a now veteran punk band, the disc was received with raves.

The current lineup includes original members, and new addition Jose Morales on drums from Boston band Dead Friends. The band continues to play out and write new material. Garnishing a deeply loyal, strong following, they continue to grow in popularity. THE WELCH BOYS are even more passionate about delivering their honest brand of punk music as they enter their second decade together.


Rezept für Rick Dangerous:

Man nehme: 1 Bass, Drums und 1 Gitarre mit etwas Skatepunk aufgießen und zum Kochen bringen. Die vorbereiteten Melodien und die eingängigen Chöre untermischen.
Eine Prise MILLENCOLIN, eine Messerspitze BOUNCING SOULS und einen guten Schuß DONOTS hinzugeben und kräftig umrühren.
Mit Bier abschmecken!
Das ganze bei One-Two-Three-Four Grad für
45 Minuten in den Ofen, bis die Masse überschäumt.
Heiß servieren und nach belieben mit achtel Pausen garnieren.


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21:30h, Eintritt: 8€