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Skassapunka (ITA) / Sinnfrei (D)


Since a year from RUDES AGAINST was published, SKASSAPUNKA communicate the release of ADELANTE, out in February 2018, in collaboration with KOB RECORDS. This album will be a mixture of unreleased songs (6, one of which is an instrumental piece and other one is a cover of the popular song, EL PUEBLO UNIDO) and old songs rearranged and remastered, for a total of 11 songs. In addition to old pieces as ORA, BRIZA and GIORNO ZERO, will be included also two songs from RUDES AGAINST, the omonome song and WE WANT TO DANCE SKA.

The choice to create an album with new and old songs is born from the idea of celebrating 10 years of the band, mixing new social messages with those already reaffirmed with the sound that is grown up in these years and now represents the trade mark of SKASSAPUNKA, a sound the moves form Ska 2tone to Ska-punk, a sound that has walked with the 2017 european tour (a tour that as reached Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Catalunya, Castilla) and will accompany the next tour, in 2018.

Looking ahead, to new collective achievements, to the target, “ADELANTE” to new horizons; a common message for the band and for all comrades that believe in riot strenght of the collectivity.


Ska, Punk und Rock'n'Roll? Das sind ja drei Dinge auf einmal! Und das ist Sinnfrei aus Düsseldorf, eine melodiöse Mixtur von 6 jungen Herren um Menschen zum tanzen zu bringen - mal im Offbeat, mal nach vorne Punkrock. Volle Pulle Tanzmusik also. Mit Texten die hier Sinnfreiheit verbreiten und da auch ermahnend den Zeigefinger heben.


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 8€