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Heat (D) / Church Of Mental Enlightment (D)

Rock / Doomy Blues-Rock

HEAT has been around since 2011, establishing themselves as a steady figure in the European Classic Rock scene, releasing 2 Albums (2012’s „Old Sparky“ and 2014’s „Labyrinth“), touring central Europe several times and appearing at some of the most important European scene festivals like Burg Herzberg Festival, Stoned From The Underground Festival, Desertfest Berlin or Muskelrock Sweden, as well as officially playing the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX in 2015. In 2014 Matthias Schult replaced Ingo Börner on Guitar, in 2016 Gräm Rowland replaced Richard Behrens on Bass.

The Church Of Mental Enlightment is a 4 piece Blackened Blues band from Leipzig combining motorbike riding grooves and infernal creepy riffing with a touch of fuzzed organ and plaque preaching vocals. But the collective is way more than a band, they call their shows ceremonies and speak of ancient problems in the modern world and an unconventional self led way out. They shared the stage with HORISONT (SWE), VIDUNDER (SWE), HYPNOS (SWE), BRUTUS (N), HEAT (D), GREENLEAF (US/SWE), HARSH TOKE (US), WILD EYES (US), COMET CONTROL (CAN) and many more. With their second release 'Gravedigger' out on Niffa Records, the CHURCH OF MENTAL ENLIGHTMENT is ready to spread the disease somewhere in between a black sabbath gathering and the good time feeling of a ride down the desert with a touch of Leipzig´s punkrock attitude.

Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 9€