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Freitag , 16. Februar

Bitter Grounds (NL) / Blenden (D)

Punk, Ska, dirty Reggae

After watching the energy and urgency of their old punk rock scene decay into a boring, self-involved mess, four friends finally decided they had had enough. After all, where’s the fun in a world where grit is replaced with style, street-level attitude with mainstream rock sensibilities, mohawks are swapped for beards, and allround frustration makes way for a general, wholesome sense of well-being? There’s only so many triple-roasted, freshly ground bio-organic espressos a person can take.
After having played in several punk rock bands throughout the past fifteen years (Beans, Last to Go, Frightening Ficiton, Dead Weights, and Landmine Heart) the quartet decided to rekindle their love for a dirty mix of punk, ska and reggae. But don’t expect no happy sounds…
…this band was formed on BITTER GROUNDS!


Blenden aus Köln - Na klar, lässt sich die Musik beschreiben:
Gitarren, Schlagzeug, Bass & Gesang.
Elemente aus Indie, Punk, Rock & Pop. Keine Angst vor Energie, keine Angst vor Ruhe, keine Angst vor Krach, keine Angst vor Liebe, keine Angst vor Gitarrensolos, keine Angst vor Melodien.
Angst bereiten uns andere Dinge.
Das steht in unseren Texten…


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 8€