Freitag , 3. August

Krawallbotz (D) / Mad Woosch (D)

Abschiedskonzert Kölns schönster Punkband

Sie kamen, tranken und nun gehen sie wieder! So in etwa könnte man den Werdegang der Krawallbotz beschreiben. In den 16 Jahren des Bestehens hat man unter anderem den Leuten in Köln, London, Nottingham und Lippstadt ein erstauntes oder ungläubiges Lächeln in die Hackfresse gezimmert, aber damit ist jetzt Schluss! Im ehrwürdigen Sonic Ballroom zu Ehrenfeld werden die Jungs ihren Abschied feiern und zusammen mit ihren Brüdern von Madwoosch ein letztes mal die Gläser kreuzen. Asi-Bier-Punk-Core vom feinsten mit Tanzschuhpflicht!

Gegründet wurde die Combo Mad Woosch im Jahr 2011 und sammelte schnell erste Live Erfahrungen im Großraum Köln. 2012 wurde die gemeinsame Split CD "Stammtischpoeten" mit den legendären Krawallbotz veröffentlicht. Diverse Konzerte folgten.2015 erschien das erste eigene Album: " Mehr Geschlecht als recht".  Dies wurde ebenfalls fleißig live vorgestellt, von Essen bis Troisdorf. 2017 erblickte dann die EP "Asipositas" das Licht der Welt. Gespielt wird Schwaadcore  (Punk/Hardcore).


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 8€

Mad Woosch


Mad Woosch
Samstag , 4. August

BallroomBlitz! Festival #8

Open Air gegenüber vom Ballroom

Zum 8.Mal wird die Oskar-Jäger-Str. zum Open Air Gelände, auf der Rampe gegenüber
vom Ballroom spielen ab 16h für Euch :

Scheisse Minelli
The Moriartees
Black Sheriff
Come On, Wolfgang

wie immer gibts Bierwagen, Klowagen und Imbisswagen! Eintritt wie immer frei, deswegen bitte wie immer kein Fremdbier!


Beginn: 16h, Eintritt: frei!


Dienstag , 7. August

Siberian Meat Grinder (RUS) / Paura (BRA)

high speed thrash metal / HC / Hip­Hop / Hardcore

What would happen if you blend the high speed thrash metal with hardcore punk, hip­hop, stoner rock and black metal, throw in some lyrics inspired by street culture, skateboarding and graffiti and add the mystic stage image which includes brutal masks and the banners depicting  the mighty Bear Tsar? You’ll get the unstoppable mosh machine which high adrenaline shows  attract crowds of headbangers everywhere from Moscow to Berlin and which goes by the name  of Siberian Meat Grinder!    The unique music style and energetic performances has allowed Siberian Meat Grinder to play  at some of the world famous extreme music festivals, including Brutal Assault, With Full Force,  Resurrection, Groezrock, Pod Parou, Superbowl of Hardcore, Punk Rock Holiday, Fluff Fest,  Resist To Exist, tour together with Terror, Sick Of It All, Nasty, Deez Nuts and regularly share  the stage with the bands like Agnostic Front, Napalm Death,  Power Trip, Ratos De Porao, Born  From Pain, Skeletonwitch,  Entombed A.D, Obituary, Sodom, Slayer and others.    The band was formed in 2011 by the veterans of Russian underground hardcore­punk and rap  scene. Siberian Meat Grinder started rapidly gaining popularity right after its debut single –  crossover thrash anthem “Hail To The Tsar” which was followed by two mini albums “Hail To  The Tsar” (2012) and “Versus The World” (2013). Both recordings were re­released as one  album on CD and vinyl by Dirty Six/Destiny Records in 2015. The release was met with a huge  enthusiasm by the fans and critics, for example it hit the 10th position of CoreTex TOP­20 for  2015.    A distinctive role in a band’s way to success was played by the numerous videos, produced by  the band itself and demonstrating the world of Siberian Meat Grinder: giant mosh pits and risky  stagedives, graffiti covered trains, unearthly figures wearing bear masks, motorcycle speed  freaks, mystical skateboarding gangs and cryptic forest rituals. The official music video for the  song “Walking Tall” even has an appearance of Vinnie Stigma of Agnostic Front himself.    Another side of the SMG’s activity adored by the fans from all over the world is a band’s original  merchandise, designed by some of the most interesting and influential artists from Russia and  CIS and dedicated to the world of the Bear Tsar – the band’s mascot and the ruler of the  Siberian Hell!
Due to its dedication to hard work and the love for the music and underground culture Siberian 

Meat Grinder has managed to create its own subculture within a subculture, attracting followers  from all over the planet!    Right now the band is recording its new full length album and is getting ready for the new tours  to spread the Siberian hardcore/metal disease in the name of the Bear­Tsar!


PAURA is a 5-piece from São Paulo, Brazil, that makes its unique blend of hardcore and metal. To imagine a cross between Sepultura and Sick of it All, or Slayer with the Bad Brains, one will know what it’s been talked about. A band with the DIY spirit and ethics of hardcore, with the obnoxiousness and heaviness of a metal outfit.

Founded in 1995, the band has released 5 full length albums and two EPs, and to this date, is one of the most representative
extreme music bands from the South American continent.

PAURA has vast experience in touring homeland and abroad; collecting 4 European and 6 South American Tours, presenting in 20 countries so far.


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 10€

Siberian Meat Grinder

Siberian Meat Grinder

Mittwoch , 8. August

Heathen Apostles (USA)

Gothic Americana/Country

Born of the voices of past lives and baptized in the dust bowl dirt, the Gothic Americana music of the HEATHEN APOSTLES harkens back to a bygone chapter of American history. Using contrasting influences such as Bauhaus, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and The Pogues with Howlin’ Wolf, Loretta Lynn (the band covers her classic Fist City) and Memphis Minnie, the HEATHEN APOSTLES have created a style of music that at once conjurs both angels and demons, and will enlighten a darkened soul.


Crossing paths at a gathering one Indian summer evening, femme fatale bellower Mather Louth (Radio Noir) and rock n roll veteran Chopper Franklin (The Cramps, Nick Curran & the Lowlifes) quickly uncovered a mutual appreciation for murder balladry, Americana, and memento mori. It was not long before a collaboration that sought to marry these interests in a sonic landscape, THE HEATHEN APOSTLES, surfaced. The landscape was further tilled with the addition of Thomas Lorioux (The Kings of Nuthin’) on bass and Luis Mascaro on violin.


The constant output of songs and videos capture the essence of the Heathen Apostles modus operandi: Southern Gothic imagery surrounded by haunting, minor-chord melodies, musical influences including Gothic Roots, Bluegrass, Blues, and Gypsy Jazz, all deftly bound together by the band’s dark and sometimes brooding sense of a bygone age. Their debut album, 2013’s Boot Hill Hymnal, 2014’s Without A Trace EP, 2015’s Fool’s Gold, Fist City and Death’s Head singles, as well as their second album Fire to the Fuse have all been released on Ratchet Blade Records. The third Heathen Apostles album Requiem For A Remix (featuring remixes by Chopper Franklin, Almighty Watching and the Phantom of the Black Hills, as well as corresponding videos), the Misery and Gin EP (a tribute to the late, great Merle Haggard) and the single and video for Albatross came out in a busy 2016.


The latest single and video is for Strange Flowers, and a slate of music and video releases for 2017, along with several other multi-media projects, check for updates and news.



Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 8€

Heathen Apostles

Heathen Apostles

Donnerstag , 9. August

Agrotoxico (BRA)

Hardcore Punk

Agrotóxico is one of the most popular and active punk bands ever to emerge from Brazil. They formed in São Paulo in 1993.
Agrotóxico's is a Hardcore Punk band with lyrics about anarchism, DIY actions and also about repression, fascism, 3rd world violence, ecological problems and all of this shit around the world. Live, this band turns every venue into a kettle of hot and steaming pogo punk with their relentless energy.

The bands history has 6 albums and a DVD documentation released in Brazil by Redstar Recs. All the albums were also released in Europe by Dirty Faces Records and Ruin Nation Records. That helped the band with 6 tours with more than 150 concerts around Europe, also having part in several compilations in lots of different countries.
In summer 2018 they will bring their new album (Break the Silence Records, Germany).


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 9€