Donnerstag, 08. Juli

The Freeborn Brothers [POL]


We wanna bring you chaos! We wanna give you fun! We wanna take you for a trip to our world where gypsy heart meets american folk, where melodies and energy means more then anything else before! the FREEBORN BROTHERS are here to give you relief in hard times, to put smile on your face and sweat a lot! YO!’

Live music performance connected with crazy theatre and weird circus, those things are dragging everybody into it, if you think thats it… NO! add insane gypsy dancing, endless energy and fun than you will get just a draft of FBB live show. Every show is different from the other, never doing the same routine, you can see them houndreds of times and you not gonna be bored.


Einlass 19h, Beginn 20h, Eintritt frei, Hut geht rum!

Alles unter den geltenden Corona-Vorschriften!


Tischreservierungen sind unter möglich / zu empfehlen!

The Freeborn Brothers

The Freeborn Brothers